Horton Crossbow Vision 175 Review

Horton Crossbow Vision 175

In one of the Horton Crossbows latest product is the Horton Crossbow Vision 175. It is said that this is the crossbow that produces high performance though the design is so compact.

Horton Crossbow Vision 175 Review

Horton Crossbow Vision 175 Ratings

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Horton Crossbow Vision 175

horton crossbow vision 175

If you seek to own a crossbow that is designed far from the usual crossbow in the market, then the Horton Crossbow Vision 175 will give you all you ever needed. This is identified having a ‘reverse draw design’ that though some may find it unusual, many of those who were able to experience using Horton Crossbow Vision 175 could say they can feel the well balanced design and the quietness whenever they fire. The weight of the products is 8.3 pounds and its length is 97.8 inches.

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In one of the Horton Crossbow Vision 175 Review, it is said that this is the crossbow that produces high performance though the design is so compact. The product contains all the features of a Horton technology such as the reverse draw limb design, the frontal string technology as well as the CNC machined wheels.

The Horton Crossbow Vision 175 is described as compact, revolutionary, has incredible speed and very quiet. The product is lightweight yet very durable and the optimized crossbow is powerful enough without compromising the performance. This is one of the high performing crossbows that are available in the market now and fully packed with Horton technology.

Considered to be the best feature of this product is the reverse draw concept it has. On this feature, the weight just right above the forearm grip thus firing it is steadier and more accurate. It has Monte Carlo Cheek piece which makes it easy to align the eyes to the reticle scope of crossbow and adds comfort to the grip. Once you purchase the package, you will be given 4×32 lighted reticle scopes to use.

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Horton Crossbow Vision 175 Features:

  • Vision 175 crossbow is included in the package
  • 4 x 32 lighted reticle scope, also includes 3 arrow quiver hunter elite, cocking sled as well as 3 arrows.
  • 9 7/8-Inch, mass weight – 8.3 lbs, arrow length – 20-Inch, feet per second – 300.
  • Well balanced for optimized accuracy. Also incorporates the CNC machines aircraft grade riser.
  • Outstanding balance combined with reverse draw limbs.

The Horton Vision 175 Crossbow was given 5-star ratings by the consumers because of its excellent performance and customer satisfaction guaranteed. This crossbow is very fast, super accurate and superbly quiet. This is the favorite of hunters who prefer to use lightweight yet powerful crossbow. This is found to be easy to use than the average crossbow and hunters men and women alike can see how balanced this crossbow is making it comfortable to handle and fire.

Horton Crossbow Vision 175 Pros and Cons:



This is a product that most shooters would include on their preference. The power as well as the low price it has would definitely match that of the Barnett Predator 18035 and many are willing to pay for the price worthy for the Horton Crossbow Vision 175.


What customers have to say about this crossbow?


This is a super deer killer according to K. Darvin who is a hunter for years. He has been using crossbows in the past and after purchasing this Horton Crossbow Vision 175 hunting has changed a lot.


According to Mike, this crossbow gives him the satisfaction of “Bulls Eye Everytime!” He added, “You can’t go wrong with Horton Crossbow Vision 175.

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