Horizontal or Vertical Bows: Which is Better?

As we all know, there are two main classifications of equipment used for hunting; namely the vertical and horizontal bows. The crossbow belongs to the horizontal type of a bow given that the string runs horizontally. On the other hand, examples of vertical bows are recurve, compound bows and traditional ones.

If you are planning to buy new hunting equipment and are choosing between a crossbow and horizontal bow, the following tips will surely help you in making the best decision on which one to buy.

  • With crossbow, the bow can be cocked giving the hunter enough time to position, focus on the target and shoot. It definitely gives the hunter to use the equipment more effectively and accurately. Alternatively, vertical bows cannot be cocked and you must hold the bow steadily, aimed at the target and shoot. It requires you much energy since you have to draw the bow until you find the focus before releasing it.
  • For a beginner, the crossbow is highly recommended. It is also ideal for any one who does not have patience to practice. Conversely, hunters that opt to use vertical bows practice, is very crucial before heading out to the actual hunting or else, there will be high probability of missing the target.
  • The next consideration would be the length of the cycle time. Using a vertical bow, you can have your next shot soon after the first is released. Whereas in horizontal bows like that of crossbow, you will only get one shot at a time then re-cock first before doing the next shot. By your second shot, your target is no longer within your sight. This is the main drawback of horizontals bows even if hunting with this equipment is less tiring than the horizontal one.
  • Another drawback of a horizontal bow is the weight which is quite heavy and maybe not the best kind for a hunter who wants to stalk a prey. It is more ideal if the hunter is far from the targeted kill.
  • In the event that the hunter can no longer use compound bows for several reasons which includes physical injuries and other conditions that made it difficult for them, they can opt for crossbow to pursue the sport they love.

Both horizontal and vertical bows are ideal when we talk about hunting. It really depends on the hunter’s personal preference on which to choose.

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