Barnett Panzer Crossbow Review

Barnett Panzer Crossbow

One of the newest product from Barnett Company is the Barnett Panzer Crossbow. It is lightweight crossbow with high performance. It is dependable and offers the best product in the Crossbow Market.

Barnett Panzer Crossbow Review

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Barnett Panzer Crossbow

barnett panzer crossbow

With the Barnett Panzer Crossbow, you are ready to shoot and be right out of the box. This Barnett Crossbow package includes the following such as Panzer V, bolts, a quick-detach quiver and the red dot sight for added target. Just slide on crossbow’s original pre strung riser assembly and sight the crossbow in then you’re set to go. The new stock of Barnett Crossbow provides additional inches of stroke power, the thumbhole grip as well as the included crank cocking gadget attachment.

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The crank device is optional. This crossbow when used as a shooting crossbow at the speed of 245 feet per second is good for target practice or hunting. It can be dismantled in few seconds so that it can fit in the gun case. Barnett Panzer Crossbow is backed up by a 1 year limited product warranty. The Barnett Panzer Crossbow is made in the USA.

The Panzer V can be purchased and ready to shoot out the box! You can simply slide on your patented riser assembly and sight your crossbow then ready yourself to go.

Barnett Panzer Crossbow Package includes:

  • Scope ready
  • Composite stock
  • Simple to assemble or to disassemble
  • Quick detach quiver
  • Red dot sight
  • Four 16″ bolts included

Panzer Crossbow Product Specifications:

  • 245 feet per second velocity
  • 150 pounds draw weight
  • 65 foot pounds energy
  • 12.5 inches power stroke
  • 18 inches arrow length
  • 39-5/8 inches string length
  • 37.5 x 26.5 inches (LxW) dimensions
  • 4.2 pounds weight

Facts regarding Barnett Crossbows:

Crossbows from Barnett are designed and created by hunters especially for hunters. From over 50 years of existence, the Barnett Company has made wide lists of crossbows that are based on the ever changing needs and expectations of hunters. The Barnett Crossbows are lightweight, modifiable, and powerful. Barnett products have made a huge evolution in the crossbow technology.

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Barnett Panzer Crossbow Product Description:

  • You can slide on effortlessly the patented pre strung riser assembly of the crossbow.
  • You can then sight the bow in making you all set to go.
  • It provides two additional inches of stroke power; an incorporated crank cocking device attachment and a thumbhole grip.
  • It is a great hunting machine otherwise for target practice.
  • Barnett Panzer Crossbow can be dismantled in seconds.

 Barnett Panzer Crossbow Pros and Cons:



  • Its limbs can easily be broken.

What customers have to say about the Barnett Panzer Crossbow?

Based on the experience as Charles Salyers purchased the Panzer Crossbow from Barnett,  this crossbow is a very great crossbow however when he cocked it, it does not allowed the catch up therefore he have to pushed on the side of it in order  the catch to cock. This is not the fault of the seller but it is considered a factory defect.

According to MReed, this Panzer Crossbow is worth to purchase because it is lightweight and easy to use.  Apart from the best features of the product such as good quality of the parts, he even sited that the customer service is eager to help and answer the needs of the customers regarding their purchase about Barnett Panzer Crossbow product.

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